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Not only do union workers command more respect and have a voice on the job, they also get better wages and benefits.



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Unions Make A Difference




A Voice
On the Job

Only union members enjoy the legal right and power to have a say on the job.

Management has exclusive control and decision making power.


Pay rates are negotiated to ensure fairness for everyone and protected in the union contract. Seniority is recognized. 

Management alone decides what's fair pay and can base any raises on business needs, favoritism or anything else.


Protected by the contract. Changes can only be made with employee approval.

Can be taken away or changed at any time.

Promotions &
Hiring Practices

Awarded fairly according to the process agreed to in the union contract.

It's up to management.

Unfair Treatment
& Job Protection

Employees have a protected way to challenge any unfair or questionable treatment with support and representation from their union. Just cause standards are applied with binding arbitration if the parties can't agree.

You're on your own. Any grievance process gives management the last word.


Schedules, vacations, workload, subcontracting, work standards, layoff procedures, hours of work are all agreed to between workers and the employer and protected in the contract.

Management decides what's best for employees.

Protections & Guarantees

Only union workers enjoy a legally-binding written agreement with their employer that defines, protects, and guarantees all terms of employment.

Nonunion workers have no guarantees and no protections.




Union Workers Earn 30%
More Than Nonunion Workers


The Union Difference in Benefits

Union workers with guaranteed (defined-benefit) pensions
Nonunion workers with guaranteed (defined-benefit) pensions

68 %
14 %

Union workers with employer-provided health insurance
Nonunion workers with employer-provided health insurance

80 %
49 %

Union workers without health insurance coverage
Nonunion workers without health insurance coverage

2.5 %
15 %

Union workers average days of paid vacation
Nonunion workers average days of paid vacation

15 days
11.75 days

(Sources: U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, Union Members in 2006, Jan. 25, 2007; AFL-CIO.)


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