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The Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local 42 is one of the largest and fastest growing unions in Michigan. We represent over 1,000 members in both the public sector and private sector employment. Our members work in a variety of technical, professional, clerical, white collar and blue collar professions.

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Weingarten Rights: Training for Shop Stewards
OPEIU Webinar: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime

May 9, 2018    Noon and 3 p.m. EST

Cyber Security breaches are in the news every day. Here are the facts:

  • 80 percent of all Americans have had their personal information stolen and for sale on the dark web – Social Security, phone, credit card numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Cybercrime and data breaches will cost $8 TRILLION over the next five years.
  • Anti-virus, firewalls, and other technologies are useless against the latest, most effective threats.
  • The good news: 90 percent of all breaches are caused by human error or carelessness!

Why is that good news? Because with education and training most breaches can be thwarted. Every cyber security professional agrees that education is the most important thing we can do to stop cybercrime. Spend an hour and learn:

  • You are a target. Period.
  • Who are the bad guys?
  • Why they do it and how they do it.
  • Most importantly: The 17 things you can do to avoid being a victim.

Your union wants to help you minimize your risk and learn how to keep yourself and others safe. This is a seminar you’ll be glad you attended. Register today!

OPEIU Webinar: How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime

Noon EST Registration:

3 p.m. EST Registration:

Conference Call In: +1-866-814-9555
Conference Code: 1669323050

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